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The advantage of outdoor advertising.
Posted by On Tue 05 Mar, 2013

Outdooradvertising also known as out of home advertising is a type of advertising thattargets the consumers in transit. Having existed for hundreds of years, it isequally effective in today’s age. Given all inventions of modern media, outdooradvertising signs have reached new technological peeks and attract a broaderaudience range than ever before. Several advantages occur when utilizingoutdoor advertising agencies to develop an outdoor marketing campaign.

Outdoor advertising helps to market any business toprospective customers. This is a good method of attracting new customers and italso provides many other benefits.


 1.Cost Effective 

One of the easiest ways to get to theconsumers without spending much money is through outdoor advertising. Normally,businesses do not spend much on outdoor advertising than what they spend onother types of advertising like the radio and TV. It is said that outdooradvertising costs 80%, 60% and 50% less than total cost of advertising throughTV, print and radio respectively. So, using outdoor advertising is a good meansof cutting cost. This is one of the reasons why many businesses today are usingsuch means of adverts in order to market their products.


 1. Increases exposure 

24/7 advertisingmeans outdoor advertising all day and all night, seven days a week. It is oneof the ways through which businesses can popularize their brand name on 24 hourbasis. The outdoor signs are placed in strategic position and they remain thereas long as the owner wants. They do not speak to the consumers in transit ontemporary basis. Rather each time people pass them, they will see them nomatter the time of the day or the season of the year. This is not likeadvertising through the media like the television and radio. These areperiodical and thus consumers watch the adverts not when they want but whenthey are shown.


  2.Very flexible 

Another key outdoor advertisingbenefit is that it can be positioned in places where it is going to be veryeffective. For instance, a firm that specializes in dealing with whole andholistic foods would be well advised to place their billboards near a market.Additionally, a new club could possibly place an advertisement outside arestaurant to provide early diners the chance for entertainment after diner.These same advertisements when placed on radio or in newspapers might be missedby the target audience.


 3.Attention Captivating 

Outdooradvertising naturally draws the attention of the consumers when they arepassing in the location where they are placed. People normally look at thesesigns even unintentionally whenever they pass them no matter the number oftimes they have seen them. You can use yourself as example. Definitely, if youare stuck in a traffic jam and you are close to a billboard, you willdefinitely look at it in order to pass time. If you see a moving bus withdecals on it, you will want to know what is written on the car without eventhinking about what you are doing. The same thing happens when you are inpublic bus or places.


 4.Cost effective 

Outdoor advertising provide a cheaperalternative of advertising your services and products. This particular type ofadvertising costs less than television, radio and print advertisements. An additionalbenefit is that outdoor advertising firms work with other media-advertisingfirms in order to come up with highly effective advertising campaigns.


 5.Dazzling advertisements 

The new technology that is nowaccessible can create attention grabbing advertisements. Actually,advertisements are now interactive with the capability of displaying threedifferent advertisements simultaneously in one billboard.

Nevertheless, outdoor advertising only draws about twoor three seconds of a personal time, which might not be enough time to deliverthe intended message.
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