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The advantage of digital printing.
Posted by On Tue 05 Mar, 2013

The progress of technology has led to the introduction of digital printing, which offers more options and also several advantages to its users. Digital printing removes most of the mechanical procedures linked to conventional printing such as making color proofs and films. Using digital printing provides the following benefits.    

                                                                                                                                                                                                               1. Quick printing  

Most businesses that require various catalogues, brochures or leaflets, normally require that these items are printed quickly, devoid of any interruptions. These marketing products are an essential part of getting new clients as well as promoting goods and thus they are very important for any company. Digital printing usually is very efficient and it takes a short amount of time than offset printing. This ensures that the marketing products are quickly accessible.


 2. Enables mass production  

The generation of lots of documents is normally necessary for unique occasions like conferences and festivals. Through using digital printing, larger quantities of things like flyers can be generated without the problems linked to producing large quantities of paperwork.


 3. Cheaper printing  

Even when including the setup costs of digital printing, it is clear that this particular kind of printing provides a cheaper option per unit than offset printing. Using digital printers is thereby considered as a measure for reducing costs of running a business.


 4. Customizable  

Digital printing is customizable and you can use data from an external or database file to change graphics and text on every piece without having to slow down or stop the press. This means that personalized letters may be printed using a different address and name on every letter. This kind of printing is vital for direct marketing and consumer relationship development.

The disadvantage of digital printing is that so as to attain color accuracy, printing can only be done white and other light colored materials.


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