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Logos to go by FOROALFA
Posted by admin On Thu 05 Sep, 2013
Erik Spiekermann  by Erik Spiekermann

At last there’s a colleague who does away with a myth: designing logos and other graphic ephemera is the beginning of an extensive process in which the company first has to find itself, before it aided and abetted by management, style, advertising and design-consultants reaches the apex of Corporate Design: the logo. I quote from a website:

We involve up to 5 graphic designers on your behalf in order to get as much variety of designs as possible. We now offer a new logo design, done by at least 3 different graphic designers, for just 199 Euros».

There you are: if 1 designer makes a bad logo, 5 designers can make 5 bad logos. One can hardly get a decent meal for that sort of money these days! But there’s more: This is a unique offer, well below the common price structure in this business of between 500 or even 2000 Euros. Wow! 2000 Euros? Weidemann was rumored to have been paid 200,000 old Marks for his DB logo back then. Why are our prices so low? Our designers work from home. Our services are based on communication via electronic media between designer and client: e-mail, SMS, Chat, Internet. And our designers work in economically well-placed regions. So there. While they’re sitting at their computers all day chatting, they might as well do a few logos on the side. And obviously these regions are in the Eastern bloc, where the Euro is hard currency, software is quickly appropriated and intellectual property is valued about as high as the Russian Rouble, but where every other person is a Grand Master in chess and ace programer.

Go for it, all you clients who keep complaining about the high cost of labor. Here’s another service, apart from Call Centers, which you can delegate to people without much knowledge of German. It’ll save money and tiresome discussions. And if you don’t like the results, simply order another half dozen logos. That will keep 30 graphic designers busy and create jobs, albeit far away. We need to think globally!

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